Stephanie Brookshier, RD

Health is having the energy to exercise and play with your kids, the mental clarity to excel at your job, and the focus to get what you want out of life. Most people don't know what it's like to truly feel well.  It's more than just the absence of disease.  Good nutrition and physical activity are the core to truly feeling well. Whether you're helping employees reach their goals or setting your own, Stephanie can help you find better nutrition as the first step towards a better life.

Here's what companies are saying about Stephanie:

"What an awesome seminar.  I received a lot of great feedback. Steph made it very interactive and fun with her food demo and everyone loved the smoothie and kale salad!  Huge success! Stephanie was awesome, knowledgeable and her presentation was great! Thanks so much and we look forward to more joint activities!" –Theresa

"Sometimes health and wellness can be a little overwhelming to some folks. Stephanie does a great job of breaking down a complicated subject, and presenting the material in a fun and interactive manner. We are looking forward to partnering with (her) on many more health and wellness topics!" –Celeste

"Steph did a great job! Our employees are still talking about her presentation months later. She kept them engaged and provided a lot of new information in a fun and informative way. We will be asking her back for future presentations!" -Carrie

Here's what individuals are saying about Stephanie:


"Working with Steph, I was able to reach my goal weight. But I have to say that though I’ve been at this weight before I have NEVER felt this good!  I feel great and know I’m healthy because I lost it the right way. To me it was more important for me to be healthy than thin but now it’s awesome to know I can be BOTH. Steph is great and what I learned with her has impacted my life completely. Thank you!"  -Claudia

"I always feel like Steph is on my side. She has a positive energy and helps me feel more confident each time I work with her.  Working with her I have learned a lot about the food I eat, and how to actually make life changes I can stick with. I always look forward to our time together." –Christy

"Stephanie’s nutrition knowledge and solid support has been extremely beneficial for me. She encouraged me to try new foods and gave me a better understanding of how to look at food in a healthy way instead of labeling it as good or bad. Though we have focused a lot on intuitive eating, she is very knowledgeable about the most up to date nutrition information and trends. She has helped me to have a positive relationship with food while improving my exercise performance. I would recommend her in a heartbeat." –Scott

"Steph is a genius! Her approach to nutrition is sensible and very doable, I love it! She gave me the inspiration I needed to make some common sense, healthy changes for myself and my family. Thank you for your support!" –Janet

"Stephanie has been invaluable to me as a dietitian. I have been concerned with my weight for years, and I frequently turn to Stephanie for advice on the best foods to eat, those that I should avoid, and how to attain a proper balance in my diet. If I ever have any nutrition or health questions, she's the person I ask because I trust her to be knowledgeable and honest." –Alana  (619) 602-7462